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Our Vision & Mission

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Implementation Guidelines

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More and more consumers globally are insisting that the products they pay for are sourced sustainably. This is no longer a western phenomenon. The Indian consumer is also becoming more aware and will soon demand that brands deliver sustainably sourced products. Which consumer would not like a safe product, which has been sourced in a way that has a positive impact on the livelihood of thousands of people and also the environment?

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09 Apr 2018

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02 Apr 2018


14 Feb 2018

Tea industry examining proposal for digitalisation


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21st March, 2018- trustea Program Committee (tPC) meeting in Kolkata

30th May, 2018- trustea Program Committee (tPC) meeting on Conference Call

29th August, 2018-  trustea Program Committee (tPC) meeting in Kolkata

21st November, 2018-  trustea Program Committee (tPC) meeting

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